Seasonal Brews

As with many of the things we eat and drink, beers are often timed to complement the season of the year. The brew might be something sturdy to match the winter stews and chilies we eat when the snow falls, or lighter to complement the salads of summer and its seasonal ingredients. If you add the creative nature of the brew master, who falls someplace between an iron chef, a crazy lab scientist and an artist, you can get some enticing limited brews. A seasonal beer can challenge the palette and introduce an entirely new flavor.

This recent year, Klamath Basin Brewing produced 5 seasonal beers.; Bare Knuckle Brown, Breakfast Blend Ale, Frontier Lager, Pumpkin Ale and Storm Warning Winter Ale. They are smaller batches of brews, about 15 barrels at a time, and have to be worked into the production cycle of our usual beers. This allows our brewer the opportunity to do something a bit more adventurous, and is a testing ground for what our fans enjoy.

Seasonal beers allow the use of different ingredients, be it fresh Mosaic hops, Dark Belgian Candi Sugar, orange peels, spices, or just the heavier use of a certain variety of malts or hops. Some beers are conditioned at lower temperatures, or for longer periods of time (lager). If they are hugely successful, a seasonal beer may move to a regular brewing schedule, such as our Backroad Vanilla Porter and Defiance Double IPA, both of which started as seasonal beers.

Watch for what comes next in our line ups, and be as adventurous as our brewer. You could be in for the best beer of the year!