Backroad Vanilla Porter

IMG_1215Life’s journey is filled with too many four-lane freeways. Us? We prefer the solitude and slow pace found off the beaten path. Like a good back road, our Vanilla Porter is filled with unexpected twists and turns. Dark, irresistibly smooth, and decidedly different, Backroad Vanilla Porter is a taste of the good life. Go where few will follow. Taste what few will find.  Available in 22 oz. bottles or draft.
2012 & 2013 Award Winner

6.7% ABV  45 IBU’s


Crater Lake Amber Ale

IMG_1154Crater Lake is a natural wonder, standing alone as the deepest lake in the United States and the clearest lake in the world. Our Crater Lake Amber Ale is a man made wonder. With an implosion of malts and hops, it too will have you admiring its color, clarity, and depth of flavor. Step to the rim and experience unforgettable.
2011 & 2014 Award Winner

5.6 % ABV 25 IBU’S

Notch Eight IPA

IMG_1204A hop-head’s delight, our Notch Eight India Pale Ale is a runaway train of flavor. The beer draws its name from the eighth notch on a locomotive throttle, which accelerates a train to its maximum velocity. Notch Eight IPA provides serious flavor along with an unyielding citrus bouquet—impeccably balanced with malty goodness. All aboard!  Available in 22 oz. bottles or draft.
2012, 2013 & 2014 Award Winner

7.1 % ABV 62 IBU’S

IMG_0695Defiance Double IPA

With an uncivilized volume of hop flavor, Defiance Double IPA is a rule breaker amidst a world of rule makers. While citrusy and piney bitterness do the talking, this full-bodied ale isn’t a one-trick-pony.  Subtly sweet caramel notes linger in the background, providing remarkable balance.  From first sip to last gulp, Defiance delivers on the promise of bold flavor.

8.6% ABV  95 IBU’S



IMG_1179Headstrong Blonde

Don’t be fooled by stereotypes. This blonde may have a flawless complexion and a delicate fragrance but she also has a mind of her own and plenty of backbone. Headstrong Blonde Ale flaunts an unexpected zest but still manages to keep things light, crisp and refreshing. This is one blonde that definitely stands out from the crowd.  Available in 22 oz. bottles or draft.
2011 Award Winner

4.2% ABV 17 IBU’S

Hard Hat Hefeweizen

Here’s to the doers. Our Bavarian-style Hard Hat Hefeweizen puts in overtime to get the job done. Its unfiltered cloudy appearance lets you know this beer is all business. Pronounced aromas of banana and clove bring you into the moment. Hard Hat Hefeweizen is the perfect reward for a hard-day’s work.

5.2 % ABV 17 IBU’S

Rebellion Red Ale

IMG_1213There’s a rebel in your midst. Rebellion Red Ale incites taste buds and waves the flavor flag in the face of weak and watery brews. Its deep red tone signals an uprising while bold malts power a toasty, nutty profile that stands apart. Standard beer classifications may fail Rebellion Red… but who wants to follow the rules anyway?  Available in 22 oz. bottles or draft.
2011 Award Winner

5.9% ABV 52 IBU’S

51st State Pale Ale

Our 51st State Pale Ale draws its own borders and gives a nod to those of independent spirit.  It opens with the tantalizing aroma of citrusy hops. Then a unique blend of pale malts carries the familiar hop bitterness to an impeccable balance. With bold assertiveness, 51st State Pale Ale will have you contemplating how to redefine your own territory.

5.2 % ABV 33 IBU’S